Take the pressure off yourself

Removing added sugars from your diet is a great way to improve your health, but it’s only the start. This is also about overall well-being:  looking after your body and your mind because the two are intrinsically linked – focusing on only one aspect gives you only half the benefit. However, it’s not about perfection,

i.e. striving for well-being, only to experience an off moment – whether mentally or physically – and then being hard on yourself and striving even harder for perfection. In this club, it’s about welcoming in your humanness and riding the ebb and flow of life while you do your best with what you have.

The Sugar-Free Life Club helps women experience a less challenging transition to added-sugar-free through reflection and exploration

Reflection and exploration can lead to revelations; revelations that can profoundly impact your view of yourself and your relationship to sugar.

It’s surprising the changes you can experience when you see things from a refreshingly different perspective. It can lead to you feeling differently about yourself and more able to navigate the ups and downs of going sugar-free, which can positively impact your well-being.

Is it for me?

If you want to remove added sugars from your diet, and you want to be a sugar-free woman who welcomes in her humanness and lives an unpressured sugar-free life, you are more than welcome to be a part of this club.

What if I have a chronic health condition?

You’re still welcome. I don’t offer cures, but you can still experience the benefit of what this club offers. Just because you have a health issue, it doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t do what you can to support your well-being.

Ready to Get Started?

I stopped consuming refined sugar in 2016 because I was no longer happy with how much was in my diet and all other added sugars in 2018. I initially removed refined sugar from my diet after completing a 30-day detox, which included not consuming sugar. Once I realised that I could do it, I thought why not continue? So I did.

I then set out to support other women in their sugar-free journeys through a bi-weekly email, which I still send, but I eventually realised that it made a lot more sense to focus not just on diet but also on the mental aspect. After all, just because someone removes sugar from their diet, it doesn’t mean that everything is ‘sorted’. 

Our minds can take us to some difficult places sometimes, which can lead to the unintentional undoing of some of the health benefits derived from a sugar-free diet. So now, my focus is on supporting women to embrace their humanness and enjoy their added-sugar-free lives, however that may look.

And here’s a secret: What I share when it comes to allowing yourself to be human is as much for my benefit as it is yours – I need the reminders too because it’s so easy to forget.

Hi, I’m Denise

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