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A workbook that helps women prepare to quit added sugar and stay successfully sugar-free

It Not Easy, But It’s Not Impossible 

You may have failed to quit many times before, but you’re not prepared to give up: you just want to know how to do it successfully.

This workbook will help you to prepare yourself to quit added sugar in the right way.

It will take you through all the important elements that need to be in place, and once they’re in place, your chance of not just quitting added sugar but staying added-sugar-free increases greatly.

Buying and eating the right food is important, but it’s not enough. By working your way through this workbook, you’ll start to understand:

  • how to talk so that you don’t quit
  • what you need to do to stop yourself from caving
  • why you’ve failed in the past despite taking all the right actions


  • Countdown chart — going for the gradual reduction approach? Use this chart to ensure that you’re reducing your intake at an acceptable rate
  • Example meal plan (includes wholegrains)
  • Blank 7-day meal planning sheets — plan your meals in advance to save time
  • Mood and food tracker charts — establish the link between your mood and behaviours and food
  • + more

Quitting is challenging, but it’s not impossible. If you’re up for the challenge, this short and sweet workbook, which packs a punch, will be your new best friend.